Cozumel Historical and Cultural Park – Discover Mexico!

Cozumel Historical Park – Discover the Beauty of Mexico

Cozumel Historical Park is one of the most beautiful and unique theme park and museum that is located in Cozumel Mexico. It has a diverse and wide-ranging history, culture and style and it is one of the main attractions in Cozumel, Mexico and the most visited park on the island. If you are planning to visit Cozumel Mexico, you need to see and visit Cozumel Historical Park and have one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget.

Explore and discover the beauty of Mexico with the help of your tour guide that will explain and introduce you to the wonders of the place. You will cross the famous sites and places in Mexico Cozumel Cultural parkthat is in a miniature scale model. You can also watch collaborative movies and have the chance to discover the intrinsic art, handiworks and antediluvian relics from around Mexico. Have a fun, interesting and educational introduction to the culture and history of Mexico together with your whole family.

The Cozumel Historical Park is will provide you the chance to learn about one of the amusing, most vibrant and warmest counties in the world. Experience Cozumel culture and the diverse civilizations tradition, construction and explore the most historical landmarks and places in Cozumel, Mexico. The Cozumel Historical Park features a contemporary main building with an art crafts gallery, a video experience room that play whimsical, authentic and award winning video of Mexico presenting its culture, art and landscape. Aside from the authentic museum, you also need to see the pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary Mexican phenomena that is located in the lovely outdoor miniature scale model and replicas plus explore and visit the natural garden with unusual and mysterious flowers and faunae.

Aside from the historical places that the Cozumel offers, you can also visit the “Mercadito Corona” and enjoy their traditional drinks and nibbles plus the ice cream. Your travel will not be complete if you don’t visit their souvenir shop that offer the finest and unique handmade artsCozumel things to do that is made by the most expert artists and you will not find it in any souvenir shops in the Caribbean. There are plenty of things you can do if you visit Cozumel Historical Park in Mexico and as you visit this amazing town, you need to try their tequila tour because this is not your ordinary tequila tour. Not only you can taste the diverse range of their tequilas but you will also learn their heritage, architecture, culture, tradition and prodigious cuisine.

The Cozumel Historical Park tour is one of the most matchless and extraordinary tour that will let you experience not only beverages and wonderful places that the place offers but Mexico as a whole. Explore the beauty of Mexico and be amazed with all the wonderful things and places you will discover in these town is rich with historical places and modern amenities. Appreciate all the Mexican wonders and relish the most seen and latest Cozumel Historical Park in Mexico.



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