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Annual Mayan Canoe Crossing – Cozumel Events

Definitely something to catch during your Trip to the Riviera Maya! Travesia Maya!

Discover Mexico Cozumel

As most people know Cozumel is in Mexico but it is also directly in the heart of not just Mexican culture but also Mayan Culture.  The island of Cozumel was a very important place in ancient Mayan culture.  This is just one of many other great reasons that planning a vacation to Cozumel means that you will be having a very diverse experience during your Cozumel Vacation.  Now we are going to touch a little bit more on the Mayan culture in Cozumel and in particular about one of the coolest events in Cozumel that takes place annually.  The Sacred Mayan Journey or Traviesa Maya just went down!

Cozumel – Ancient Sacred Mayan Journey??

As Cozumel is rich with Mayan culture catching a traditional Mayan event while you are here in Cozumel is just a great plus during your Cozumel Vacation. Things to do in Cozumel The Sacred Mayan Journey is an annual event here…

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Cozumel travel Tips

Our Top choices for great Snorkel Sites in Cozumel

Best Shore Snorkel Sites in Cozumel

Cozumel snorkel tours are extremely famous across the world. Located fewTours in Cozumel miles away from the Caribbean coast, Cozumel is a beautiful island with crystal clear water, white beaches and eye catchy homes. The world’s largest reef system is found in this island. This makes Cozumel snorkel tours a dream site for everyone. Sea life is predominantly visible in this holiday destination. Above all, Cozumel will give you a never-like-before underwater experience. With this being said, here are top few snorkel sites in Cozumel.

The Colorful Paradise Reef

Most Cozumel Island Tours begin with the paradise reef. The entire area is broken into three parallel reefs that stretch 600 ft from the shore. Paradise reef enjoys a maximum depth of 50 ft and is home to make corals, fishes and shellfishes. You will be able to see fishes that replicate the colors of the rainbow in Paradise Reef. As you dive through these waters, be prepared to see the wonders of nature!

Stay Amazed at Palancar

Palancar is another snorkeling destination that can leave you amazed. It is situated in Parque Marino Nacional Arrecifes de Cozumel. It is a fantastic spot to relax with your dear ones. Snorkeling and diving are identified as must-do activities at Palancar. The waters are home to barracuda, sharks and many more fishes. Indeed, Palancar proves to be a great destination for your next summer holiday.

Tours in CozumelHoliday at El Cielo

The list of Cozumel Island Tours will remain incomplete without “El Cielo”. The holiday destination is also known as the home of stars (what we mean here would be the star fishes)! If you are novice snorkeler, you should begin at El Cielo. It features clear, shallow waters with many phenomenal creatures.

The scrumptious Dzul- Ha

Another beautiful destination in the list of Cozumel snorkel tours would be “Dzul- Ha”. Snorkel Tours in CozumelThese waters are loaded with rays, lobsters, crabs and many other rare fishes. It is a wonderful place for snorkeling. Dzul-Ha lets snorkelers dive as deep as 10 to 15 feet. If you want to enjoy a meal underwater, you should visit Dzul-Ha.

Nemo and Chankanaab

Chankanaab is another wonderful place to snorkel. It is filled with jungles and Mayan ruins. The reef in Chankanaab is around 70 feet deep and 350 yards from the coastline. It is bold and beautiful with spectacular marine life and breath taking coral formations. Who knows you may find Nemo down here!

With all that said at the end of the day it is hard to go wrong with snorkeling in Cozumel as it is one of the best Dive sites in the world.  So Discover Mexico always loves giving you options and loves to have you visit us here in Cozumel.  So check out some any of the great Cozumel Activities that our island has to offer.  We’ll be waiting for your here in the Cozumel Cultural Park!

Things to do in Cozumel

Cozumel Travel Tips – Good Cozumel Hotel

Where is a good place to stay in Cozumel?

Located in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, Cozumel, a beautiful island, is renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, lovely dive sites, exotic restaurants and world-class resorts.  We talk a lot about what to do in Cozumel and great Cozumel activities etc. and pretty much everyone already knows that its one of the Top Cruise destinations in the Caribbean.  However, that is sometimes where the thought stops and so many overlook the wonderful resorts and great Cozumel Tours available to hotel guests.  It may not seem like it at times but cruise ships are not the only way to get to Cozumel!  Yes there are in fact many great top notch Hotels in Cozumel that are excellent!

One of these great resorts in the Caribbean where guests can enjoy relaxing atmosphere in a unique setting is the Occidental Grand Cozumel Resort. Situated on the south western coast of Cozumel Travel TipsCozumel, this all-inclusive resort is surrounded by a tropical mangrove, offering spectacular views and impeccably manicured gardens. It is considered a perfect getaway spot for tourists in Cozumel who want to experience serenity and comfort at its best. The resort’s room are well equipped with a minibar, a satellite, telephone, flat screen TV and a private balcony.

The resort is about 40 minute boat ride from Playa del Carmen and is about a 20min taxi ride from the international airport. For diving enthusiasts, the Occidental Grand Cozumel Resort is the best option for you, as the Palancar Reef, which is ranked among the top 5 dive destinations on earth, is few walking distance away from the resort. It also offers guest the opportunity to rest and soak themselves in the sun on one of the island’s best beaches.

The hotel has a private beach and three pools. Guests are also offered the opportunity to take part in several lovely water sports activities daily including kayaking, windsurfing and snorkeling. Other activities include tennis, scuba lessons in the pool, and water polo. Situated Cozumel Hotelswithin the resort is La Carreta restaurant. It is one of the best restaurant on the island that offers a fine dining experience. Enjoy delectable local and international cuisine prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients that gives you with the strength needed to take on the next activity. Occidental Grand Cozumel Resort also offers deep-sea fishing excursion, scuba diving instructions and spa treatments, but you’ll have to pay more to enjoy these fun filled activities. With a disco and four exquisite bars, the hotel offers a lot of entertainment daily.

Some of the amenities within the Occidental Grand Cozumel Resort include fitness center, currency exchange, meeting room, medical service, laundry service, fax services, kids club, Wi-Fi access, dive center, private pool, scooter/moped rentals, spa, shops, car rental desk and much more. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, the Royal Club lounge is the place for you.

Ranked amongst the top ten hotels in Cozumel, Occidental Grand Cozumel Resort has about 251 rooms in total and features Spanish courtyards, magnificent colonial décor,Cozumel Travel Tips and hacienda style architecture. It is a great place to kick back relax and feel the pleasant atmosphere. The resort is considered a haven for tourists, especially divers.

If you are worried about getting bored at the Hotel not to worry, just make your way down to the lobby and speak with one of the hotel Cozumel Excursions area and they will be more than glad to help you find one of numerous great and fun Things to do in Cozumel.  They can even help you get set up for a great visit to Discover Mexico as well.

Are you thinking of visiting Cozumel and don’t know which of the luxury hotels to opt for? Look no further, as Occidental Grand Cozumel will make sure you are properly cared for and also guarantees you 100% satisfaction. Its friendly staff, high quality service and serene environment, makes this resort a top choice for travelers in Cozumel.



Things to do in Cozumel

Not just another Cozumel Activity, Not just another Tequila Tour

Premium Tequila Tasting tours at Discover Mexico Cozumel Not Your Typical Tequila Tour

Whenever you travel to Mexico, there are so many different things to be done. One of the few things that people may not have ever done is a tequila tour. In Cozumel, they do Cozumel tequila tours where you can taste different types of tequila and is just one of the many things to do in Cozumel. Not only do you taste different tequilas, you also learn about Mexico’s heritage, multiple pieces of art and culture, and great cuisine. That is what makes this tour so unique; it is not just about the tequila but Mexico as a whole. You start in air-conditioned comfort and view multiple screens that take you through a journey of Mexico. This really allows you to discover a side of Mexico not normally seen and is something everyone looking for things to do in Cozumel should take a part in.26_discover_edited-1 copy

Discover Mexico is the most popular park in Cozumel and really helps you see different parts of the country. You are able to view different ancient civilizations of Mexico’s past and tour replicas of Chichen Itza and other pyramids built by the early Aztecs, Maya, Olmec and Totonac people. One of the main points of this tour, however, is learning of the history of tequila. You are given a history of the tequilas and how they go through production. You get a tequila guide, called a “tequilero” and they will take you through three distinctly different Jose Cuervo tequilas: Blano, Reposado, and Anejo (which is basically aged tequila). Many people do not know the history of what gives tequila its intense quality and you would be hard-pressed to find a better tour that can broadcast its heritage.

After viewing all of this, you get to experience a taste of Mexico. You experience cuisine from all over Mexico and get to enjoy it in the fresh open air. You will watch hand-made corn tortillas cooked right in front of you for your very own personal taco buffet. When you are done eating, there is even a margarita lesson that you will be able to take part in.093977_131104020245

These Cozumel tequila tasting tours are some of the most popular activities to do in Mexico and Cozumel tequila tours come highly recommended by tourists; in other words, there is nothing better to do in Cozumel then this. Give Discover Mexico a chance the next time a tour pops up as this tequila tour is not your typical tequila tour.

Discover Mexico while on your Cruise to Cozumel

Discover Mexico Cozumel Cultural Park


If you are considering taking a trip to Mexico, going on a Cruise to Cozumel or you are already living in Cozumel Mexico, but you haven’t seen some of the many wonders of Mexico, one of the best places to go is to the Cozumel Cultural Park. In addition to the park, there are a variety of other things to do in Cozumel, including a variety of different activities and the world famous Cozumel Tequila tours (for adults only of course,) but there are also a variety of different Cozumel excursions to take part in with the whole family!


While looking for things to do in Cozumel, be sure to visit Discover Mexico! Discover Mexico is an extremely unique Concept theme park and is one of the most popular parks in Cozumel. Discover Mexico offers the unique opportunity for tourists to learn and experience a wide variety of different Mexican wonders that will not only bring you into the spirit of Mexico, but give you a taste of the life and culture that is this great country. Discover Mexico features a wide variety of different Mexican wonders all in one area including different historical sites, styles that have pervaded the Mexican culture for many years, and arts and crafts from the Mexican culture of the years that visitors will have the chance to take part in.

Discover Mexico is an incredible experience when looking for things to do in Cozumel as the park offers visitors the chance to take part in a variety of Premium Cozumel Tequila tours and other Cozumel excursions, as the entire point of the park is to express the incredible diversity of Cozumel and Mexico to visitors in the best way possible, and allow tourists to gain a much larger picture of the incredible island of Cozumel and this great Nation, instead of simply seeing the main sites that others see. This gives you the unique chance to get a look at the history and culture of Cozumel and Mexico straight from the mouth of native residents. images

Discover Mexico is a one of a kind experience for the area, and is a must see for anyone who is interested in visiting the area and learning about the culture. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the island, but you will get to take part in many of the different cultural activities that the natives take part in on a regular basis! This is a great trip for you, you and a date, or the entire family as there are wonders for people of all ages to enjoy!

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